flower decorations for Neighbors(coffee shop) 12,2021

photographer: Shogo Abe

shooting of wedding flowers 11,2021

wedding flowers 11/2021

shooting of wedding flowers 10/2021

collaborate exhibition at hotel norm. 7-8/2021

place: hotel norm. / art: witness / flower: pioen flora

Ondine kimono collection 2021

art direction: TIAM/ photographer: kanda toyohide

wedding flowers 12/2020

wedding shooting 12/2020

epice launch party at chompoo shibuya PARCO

epice website

full moon night concert 2020

percussion: Kanako Fukui/ guitar: Shintaro Tanaka/ violin: Yuki Horisaka/

dance: Tomomi Yoshiie/ cello: Shiori Iwaya/ photo: Shouta Sato

PIOEN FLORA EXHIBITION at Hotel norm. 2020

Ondine hakama collection 2020

art direction: TIAM/ photographer: kanda toyohide

Omekashi baby 2020SS collection derected by TIAM

table decoration for wedding party 2/2020

pala jewelry / matsuya ginza Christmas pop up 12/2019

omotesando hills christmas pop up 12/2019

wedding bouquets and boutonnieres 7/7/2019